Kids Karate Lessons (ages 8+)

Our Kickin’ Kids love to compete and win!

Class Schedule

Monday6:00 pm – Kickin’ Kids: All Ranks.
Tuesday5:00 pm – Pre-testing: Green & Up
6:00 pm – Kickin’ Kids: Sparring 1/2 Yellow Up
Wednesday6:00 pm – Kickin’ Kids: All Ranks.
Thursday6:00 pm – Kickin’ Kids: All Ranks.
Saturday9:00 am – Kickin’ Kids: All Ranks.

“If you’re serious about learning, we want you in our dojo.”

 – Master Gary Wilson

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This is the BEST Karate Studio in town.  The Instructors are knowledgeable and friendly.  My kids enjoy learning all of the karate moves in self defense.  They make it fun and exciting. Well worth the money!

– Cindy W.